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  • Mood: Miserable
  • Listening to: "Numb"..A very chilling song I made.
  • Reading: My Thoughts.
  • Watching: The World Around Me.
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  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Nothing.
I'm very sorry for me not being here..

There's been a very big problem, but this time it's not because of someone. This time, it's me. I've been trying to cope for a while, and it's hard. I have to falsely smile and force myself to not care about my sadness to actually do things.

Ah...I'm sorry as far as requests goes. I know I wasn't able to complete some, and for someone who payed me, I'm Going to give a refund as a way to show I'm sorry.

Please excuse my absence..Don't mind of a person. I'm self loathing, I know. Sometimes I just's normal for me.

Anyways..I will try to be here more, just please understand what I'm going through.
  • Mood: Miserable
  • Listening to: A Song I Made.
  • Reading: My Thoughts.
  • Watching: The World Around Me.
  • Playing: Nothing.
  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Nothing.
Yes, no one really has heard a word of me in a long time. Well, I'm here to talk a lot about myself, and how this place is more than just a place to show your art to the world.

DeviantArt has been more than just a site I joined. I've made friends here. I'm sorry for anything bad I may have done to anyone though. But the best part of mistakes is learning how to prevent it from occurring again. I've made many mistakes, as I'm not perfect, just as how everyone is not either. I have accepted many things as well, such as understanding I'm more of the outcast, because I'm not like others. I'm more with a 'darker' personality and likings.

In fact, I'll tell you why I am. In a simple way to put it, chances were taken from me. Just as my precious possessions were stolen by others. Of course, it probably sounds typical to hear, but it's more of a very depressing experience. Like I'm going to admit, I recently seemed to have lost Pokémon X, yet I'm not the one who lost it. One of my siblings did. Of course, I also grieved from losing it, just as I lost Pokémon Red Rescue Team, Black Version, Diamond Version, My old drawings, and many other old possessions I took care of. I don't yet know why things are often taken from me. Not only have physical items been stolen from me, but also emotional feelings. I grew cold ever since I learned a few things in ways I didn't want nor deserved. Uhmmm..One thing I can tell you about was back in fifth grade. Some of you know this little 'story', but for those who don't I'll tell you, because I know those who care are reading my every word.

Advanced Mathematics class. In the middle of a typical hot, dull day. That day, we had a test to complete, and knowing what to choose via my knowledge, I finished before the others. I always kept quiet though, I never really say things to others. So I took out a little sketchbook I always kept out with me. It was just a small journal I guess you can call it, since I drew personal feelings in it, like a passionate hug of two people. I wasn't very good at art back then however, so of course I expected something. But now hear this: So I was drawing and minding my own business, when my teacher suddenly decided to take the small book of mine away. Speechless as I was, I began to feel nervous. Dangerously nervous, as I began to know many possibilities were at hand. And of course, he did the worst of all of them. No, not just take it away and ask me what I drew, but he actually had the audacity to show the entire class my deplorable skill of drawing. They laughed and some pointed, while I cried and watched from the back of the room. Miserable as I felt as he commented negatively to what I now saw as repulsive, I began to not trust a lot of people, I grew lonelier, and I didn't care for a lot of things anymore. I began to think to what I held onto memories for. And I began to question if I should even try anymore. Part of me said to keep going, so I did. I always had hopes up.

Years come by, I can still remember my trip to Minnesota like yesterday. Hazy, stormy, humid. what's not to like, I was told. Oh, almost everything. Being there just caused me to change even more. Our family struggled with money there as well, the basement had a broken window so It would floor very often, and my parents began to fight. Trying my best to take care of my two little brothers and my little sis, this began to get stressful.

After feeling like being stuck on a broken road to nothingness, we finally managed to get back to Arizona (Did I mention the part where we dealt with two tornadoes in one night?) and it was supposed to get better. I still had hopes, and so I still tried to continue. 2010, 2011, 2012....It's like the years were mostly beautiful. 2013 was the year I lost even MORE of myself.

So we had an apartment, and we moved around...10 times in the past years, (13th time to count up to date.) and still I also don't know as to why it felt like bad luck just followed us. Travelling like crazy, I realized I went through many states: California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas (Got stuck there for three days.), South Dakota, a bit of North Dakota, and then Minnesota. But anyways, continuing on, we were still (Like usual) having trouble with money. And so my mom called around with my family members, seeing who we can live with.

My aunt arose to that calling we had. "Come to California, we'll take care of you!" she said. Having no other choice, we decided to take a long, 9-hour trip back to my home state. Finally arriving there, we got whatever we could bring with us, and by what I know, we lost a lot of things through the years. Things went good for the first two weeks. Especially since I haven't seen this part of my family in a long time. Mh..

That changed shortly after the first two weeks. They began to show their true selves, being ungrateful, rude, and uncaring to us. I was told rude things often because I was judged for my silent personality. (Oh of course. Go for the kid who's quiet. That's what everyone around me does.) Living with knowing I'm judged and blamed the most, I always relied on my ex, which I always tried to be with every minute. I had an old ZTE X500 at the time. (To be honest, I don't like that phone at all.) That phone was very picky about what charger would make it charge its battery. Worst part? I had to have two. For a simple fact: The one that had no cracks in its screen had no charger port. It was broken. The other ZTE on the other hand, had one, with the downside to having a cracked screen. Ohh goodness you don't know how troubling that phone became for me. It only worked on Wi-Fi, that was another downside. "Thank God for my aunt having Wi-Fi" I often said. One night however, guess what happened. My aunt decided to STEAL, yes, STEAL my charger from me. And the worst part of it was that I went through a lot of walking and hard times just to find a charger that actually worked. I cried for a week, since  had no hopes in my head. And then I worried my ex was mad at me.

Oh that week passed...I always felt sad though. I felt lonely. Luckily I thought, my mom said she'd try buying a charger with the money she got from working. We drove far to get one. Guess what: It only worked for two minutes of charging, thanks to the ZTE being picky. I lost hope. I lost a lot of hope many times there. So I stopped hoping for things to settle down. I became tense. I became very tense, and very independent. (There's another reason I became independent, but that's a personal story.) Now, I'm going to tell you another bad thing that happened. One day, we went to my dad's friend's house, who he met as they both worked on a giant ship called the Queen Mary (Which I have pictures of.) and he was kind enough to give me a charger for free. Best thing was that it actually worked! Happy in a state of not being sad, I finally started to have small hope. Going back to that atrocious place I had to call home, I went back to where I had my stuff: A small corner by a couch. In fact: Let me tell you how the house was inside.

Walking in, on your right was a small bathroom. By it was my cousin's room. going straight is the stairs that lead to the second floor. After the last stair, you turn to see the kitchen. It's small, the same size as the living room right next to it, which was where we slept. (I can't wait to tell you about the rules we had to follow. You're going to love them.) Anyways, after the small living room is an outside porch, which was only big enough for..Hmm, 5 people to stand on altogether. also, to the right of the living room was more stairs. Oh, how I love stairs. Ugh. So going up the stairs and then a bit straight is three rooms, which was my aunt and uncle's room on the left, the bathroom nextdoor, then on the right were my two other cousin's room.

Now that you know how the home is, I want to tell you the rules we were given. Rule number 1: No TV after 8 PM. I guess it doesn't include my cousins nor aunt, since their TV ran all day, even though they say they pay electricity. Rule 2 (I was personally given this rule one day): No cooking for yourself. Yeah, I had to wait for my mom. Let's see, what was I served and how many times  was it served...White rice. And how many times did I eat it? Twice. Every. Day. My parents felt bad often, because white rice can be plain when eaten without anything else after a while. So we'd get a few things out every so often, but it was rare since we had low money. (Even though my aunt had wasted money on fast food she let rot while we couldn't eat none of it.) Rule 3: No backtalking to my aunt or any of her family. LIKE I CAN DO THAT WITH HOW HARD THINGS WERE MADE. And finally, rule 4: Respect everything in the house. Of COURSE I did that. It's only naturally mandatory. She didn't do it back.

Back to my story, I charged my phone, until my aunt decided to tell me that I stole it. Hah. Again she stole a charger and claimed it be hers. And every one of her family knew it too. But going a few weeks after what seemed like forever due to the most boring TV re-runs and gray-mood days, there happened the final day of being there. And it's what ultimately brought us away from that prision-like apparition for a home. She decided to pin a joke on me in front of everyone that I stole $200. Like I would do that. My parents trusted me with their rent money many times. So after a talk with my parents, she ultimately decided this:

"Joseph is not allowed to live here. He will be kicked out onto the street for this, and he is not allowed back in."

Yes, just me. My family got to stay, while I was capable of dying by a number of things. Sad how an aunt can not care for one family member huh? Oh well...

That's not the only thing I was falsely accused of taking. My grandfather, yes, my grandfather was tricked into actually thinking I stole his android phone. That was taken care of though.

I'll explain more of my personal life another time if you want, but I only will if anyone actually wants to know. Now I'm going to my original topic.

DeviantArt, full of many good people as I've seen most of the time, has cheered me through the years. I made a good decision coming here. Not only can I draw and upload my memories here, I can even talk with others who like me for who I am. It is sometimes rare, but I am grateful for even the smallest time I have with a person like that. I'm willing to share deep thoughts on my philosophy, and many other things. And then I know there are many who probably forgot about me. Well, that's okay.

I wanted to try something more nice than before: I'm going to add EVERYONE I watch. Yes, everyone, to show no one can be 'easily forgotten'. I care for everyone. And I appreciate those who care back. Here is my entire watch list:

:iconadamsrb2: :icon003145: :icon200millionpoints: :iconadam24: :iconaddirockart: :iconafr0panda: :iconalexiatgtome: :iconalexis-the-eevee4: :iconallan-valentine: :iconalmightywonderwaffle: :iconalwcustomdesign: :iconamitrai10: :iconangelchao64: :iconanitaediciones: :iconapocalypsekitty: :iconartistandreea98: :iconazilord: :iconberserkbreaker: :iconblackdragonshadow: :iconblackrose416: :iconblagdenwhiteraven: :iconblazemastez: :iconbloodclaw2: :iconbluekiss131: :iconblufrog: :iconbolo42: :iconbrocko18: :iconbuntcone: :iconcalamitoushaunter: :iconcali-purp: :iconcandychuii: :iconcaptain-albertwesker: :iconcarr45: :iconccgonzo12: :iconchaosdragon9693: :iconchillytuna929: :iconchricher: :iconclyde-the-snivy: :iconcoloreevee: :iconcomandersprings: :iconcomodox: :iconcrafty-bakeneko: :iconcryssathesnivy: :iconcrystalgem523: :iconcscdgnpry: :iconctpro: :icondaisystar6: :icondansudragon: :icondarkdex52: :icondarksilverflame: :icondarktyphlosion100: :icondavven7: :icondeathonater: :icondekukirby97: :icondesirefire1: :icondevart: :icondeviantartgear: :icondevilca-the-hedgehog: :icondianah-the-cat: :icondor20: :icondragonjessx: :iconeevora: :iconeevyluva: :iconellythegee: :iconendertheory: :iconepicfail107: :iconepicsunrise: :iconexvswatproductions: :iconflamingechoes: :iconfns-studios: :iconforeverguard: :iconfr33d0m0f3xpr3ss10n: :iconfranklinneilson: :icongem-n-ems: :icongraigstone: :icongreenibr: :iconhamidqureshi: :iconherkyvolleyball: :iconhonouguma: :iconhsumi: :iconhunter-best-hunter: :iconiceylatias: :iconironchocobos: :iconjade-pyre: :iconjagarnot: :iconjarofvikings: :iconjaviink: :iconjennifertotodile: :iconjo1597: :iconjordentually: :iconjoshuadunlop: :iconjps68: :iconjt89006: :iconka8ut0p5: :iconkai-matsumoto: :iconkarloz030985: :iconkevinthesnivy: :iconkiraoftheinternet: :iconkotsumisorane: :iconkronikweasel: :iconkurage1707: :iconkay-kitty-smiles: :iconkeijimatsu: :iconkirikoh: :iconknougeforeverfanfic: :iconkuroakai: :iconlanios: :iconlation410: :iconlatios-and-latias: :iconlatioslaplz: :iconlensastudio: :iconleticiaoliveira13: :iconligerfox: :iconlillylovesmuffins: :iconlilyas: :iconlosingsarah: :iconlunareclipse52: :iconluxraylove: :iconlynnsketches: :iconlyrarainbowdash: :iconmajumaru: :iconmakepictures: :iconmariru256: :iconmegajewel16: :iconmeisawsome2: :iconmidnitez-remix: :iconmio188: :iconmissa91: :iconmjaythehedgehog: :iconmptribe: :iconmusicxartxlife: :iconmysweetqueen-dolls: :iconnesart13: :iconnina--chan: :iconninjakirby144: :iconnoctuscorde: :iconnorthstar76: :iconnupho: :icono0eren0o: :iconobeydrew112512: :iconottbettina: :iconoverseer: :iconpadrang: :iconparsonsda: :iconpenguinton: :iconpichu90: :iconpikadudeno1: :iconpikavirus1996: :iconpinkbunnii: :iconpluslegir: :iconpokefan444: :iconpoyosepicproductions: :iconpshoudini: :iconpurplecatnip: :iconq0at: :iconquinn0316: :iconrandomous: :iconratiassky: :iconratiossky: :iconray-52: :iconraynesdarkmirage: :iconrealitydream: :iconred-servine: :iconredeyelatios: :iconredvolk: :iconreignhavoc: :iconrikewizaryoshi12: :iconritalabella: :iconroxt14: :iconrumor-the-mirage: :iconrunya-isamu: :iconruralparadis: :iconryu-raiho: :iconsalamencecake: :iconschoolmaniandevil: :iconseriesartiststarter: :iconshade-hero-project-x: :iconshadowhatesomochao: :iconshadowkira: :iconshadythedark: :iconshaneaharold: :iconshannonxd: :iconshaprite91: :iconsheridan-j: :iconsilentsnivy: :iconsilked-guardian: :iconsilverkrim: :iconskyland599: :iconsnivylover4125: :iconsnivyvonderp-phuckii: :iconsonicdeegan: :iconsonicrunne2010: :iconsonicxdotexe: :iconsoulvoid93: :iconspace-eevee: :iconspeaker-toyota-iq: :iconstarrywish: :iconstratos-arceus: :iconstreetdragon95: :iconswonanamakaroni: :iconshannonxd: :iconsonikkuruzu: :iconsparkle-the-espeon: :iconstripesdechipmunk: :iconsugar-ray: :icontcohahpbnosafa: :iconthe-fliperroo-queen: :icontheawsomelucky: :iconthebestnameueverseen: :iconthebigman0706: :icontheryanford: :icontrapikachu: :iconubasuteyama: :iconunderthedarkmoon: :iconva7studios: :iconvijayujji: :iconvirizion66: :iconvocaloid02fan: :iconwalterrobotgt: :iconwavesplash33: :iconwhizarddragon: :iconwierdzach: :iconwordofchen: :iconwuestenbrand: :iconx-luminare-x: :iconxbluepikachu: :iconxtorbenx: :iconxxwaterproxx: :iconxylek-clemmens: :iconyakalentos: :iconyamiko225: :iconzeaeevee: :iconzeckemyro: :iconzigzagpaul2: :iconfantasyrebirth96:

I know I included some that don't exist too, but I just to anyways.

Anyways, DeviantArt means a lot to me. I'm sorry to many, and I will try my best to make up anything wrong I may have done. And I thank the 266 deviants I watch. It's a great motivation to me, even after many things I went through, knowing some people enjoy looking at my art. I hope to inspire, teach, and encourage others as well.

I'll talk about a few last things about me. Someone told me: "..It must be harder on you though. I've had so many chances to do something, and you've had those chances taken away." That gets to me deeply. I was also told that even though 2014 is killing me slowly like every other year but the worst, that I can keep going. One reason as to why I'm not here often honestly is because..Family problems...Even if I have an exact family anymore. I can't explain more, other than mentioning: Separation. Yes...You might know what I mean. And then it's also hard to fight apathy, depression and pain that always burdens my shoulders. You know some of what has happened to me, so you know what I mean. I am also a sensitive person often, please keep it in mind. And then add that twist of a dark personality. It's all that into one soul, me. Yet I still try my best with having not much hope anymore and small outlooks into something amazing. Also I wanted to say that I mostly love dark, ambient music. I finally figured that was my favorite genre to music.

Anyways, I'm going to finish. Thank you for some of you who dedicated your time into reading part of my past. Maybe I'll feel a bit less stressed knowing I can share part of myself with the world. It gives me a shine of hope to know the world is still beautiful in some ways.

I will try to be here more often, I promise. And last, I wanted to tell you a few titles I made for a relation about my life.

"Soliloquy For The Spiraling Metaphysical Distortion Complex."
"Reincarnation Upon Broken Promises."

You let me know which one is best if you want.

And so this is the end to my journal. I hope it's as deep to you as it was for me. enjoy your day/night. :)
Five Nights At Freddy's - Caught by SilentRayneTsutarja
Five Nights At Freddy's - Caught
an idea I was given that was a crossover of Foxy (F.N.A.F.) and my "OC" Snivy.

I gave it a warning just from the small blood detail.

To everyone else, I'm going to do my best to draw more. this was just something I was excited to finish.

2014 R4YN3 Art.
  • Mood: Hope
  • Listening to: Loz Contreras - Sarajevo (Blackmill Remix)
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So I have finally come back (Entirely) from my depressive downfall. Again, it's not easy to fight the specifics in what has happened. I am sorry to give everyone a postpone to their requests, and that I have been feeling bad for.

I need some motivation to go on sometimes..Of course many people won't understand my pain because I don't explain it. But some of you know my pains. It's not easy as you know.

And so it goes to say that I'm going to try harder to get the requests done. I have had drawing ideas, but I lose them because I remember I have to finish the requests. There was one drawing I was going that includes every good friend I've known. Of course, I'm sorry for not being here a lot. If I can take that away from the past and change it to days full of being here happy, I would. But you know what they say, you live your choices, as it is you whom shapes your future.

I don't talk much of Philosophy I realize, and I usually enjoy to. I just would like a few people to lend a hearing ear to my words. I know there are going to be many who don't care, and some who do. That's how life is. But I appreciate everyone who pitches in and listens. I don't have many expectations because I know a lot of my thoughts simply can't and won't exist.

Now... I have promised to keep my word of everything I say I can do, so I'm still trying to finish all requests, but it can be...Overwhelming. I think about it a lot as I try to calm down from stress I get from reality.

Like I've said, I need some motivation. Often I get this problem, I admit, that I feel like I'm excluded from certain people, or sometimes I just can't think of anything to do. So it starts to hurt me. I know many times I've tried to cheer up, but it gets very difficult. And so I ask one last time.

Please give me any support or anything you want to say. I enjoy reading your thoughts about me.

In fact, I'll explain some of myself right here.

Name: Joseph Eliseo/Elijah "Rayne" Trujillo
Age: 16 (I'll be 17 in April)
I Watch: 264 people (I try my best)
Who watch me: 198 (More like 50 now.)
Why I came here: There are a number of reasons.
One, to express myself in my art. To show the world my art. Of course, to some people, a drawing, a simple photo, can be more than what it is. It can be a caught memory. That's what some of my art has become. "Fragment of Memory, Re: Forlorn Soul" Is one memory of when I was even more depressed than now. So is "Moment's Reprieve", and many more like "Frolic". One thing about my art nowadays and why it takes so long is because I'm one of those artists that takes time on things, and I do specific pieces at certain times.
Two, to make friends. A long time ago, someone had made me feel closed. Very...Lost, if I may say. I felt like I didn't need everyone now. But I was very wrong. I regret it. But look at me now, I'm opening to the world and its people again. Yes, everyone is a human being, and so I do my best to give everyone a chance at talking to me. There are many I have met here who have always been there. It's not about getting favorites (Although everyone at least once gets the wanting to get those, like me, I admit), but to show who you are, via an art piece you create. You are your art. You create it from your thoughts, you express what you are to the world and people can see that bright side of you, no matter how dark you may be on the outside. Like.... Me. I know I'm a "Dark Person", I've been called many things, like "Cold-hearted", simply for the fact I learned bad things. I lived tough times. But I'm trying to get better.
Three, to enjoy something life has to offer. Before, I didn't see too many things to enjoy, like December, 2013. Now that month WAS BAD. Of course, I try to let go of it though...Although what I was told from a family member really hurt my heart. And as some know, it's not easy forgetting what a family member tells you. Being here, I've let go of many things I had on my shoulders, and I feel much better. One thing I wanted to mention about my art by the way: Sometimes I leave small segments of hints of myself, my personality. It doesn't look like there's anything but simple color, shape, texture, lighting, etc. But if you see certain art pieces I've made, you can see part of what I am: I put effort into everything I do, I try to be happier, I have a calm demeanor, you get it.

Moving on to things that are my favorites and what I'm currently doing.

Favorite music: I like a lot of different things. It depends on what it is. I love piano. I say music is what gives life color, as music can really set the color to a picture, or set the mood the artist wants to give. With no music, I believe things would simply run "Gray".

What I'm hearing:…    Loz Contreras - Sarajevo (Blackmill Remix); This type of Dubstep isn't like the other ones, it's very...Calm and nice in a way. Take a listen if you are interested.

Favorite trait about myself: I simply enjoy knowing I can be more understanding than most others. I love knowing how calm I can be, and that I've helped people. I want to do that more... It is what I love doing so much, even though I may have a cold exterior. I'm always open to anything anyone wants to tell me, or if anyone wants to know anything of knowledge I'm able to give.

Favorite age: I've got to say, 15 or 16. These years have been the darkest, along from 2009-now. But these two years, I've learned the most things, and I've accomplished personal goals. Like having more friends. I can tell you it's great.

Doing any misc. things: Nothing actually, except hearing a song and typing this.
And now, I'll try to add everyone I can remember who liked my art, and those I know who talked to me recently and enjoy doing so.

:iconadamsrb2: , :iconfantasyrebirth96: , :iconjohnnyd2: , :iconpikaflygon: , :iconcomandersprings: , :icon003145: , :iconafr0panda: , :iconbolo42: , :iconcalamitoushaunter: ,    :iconsilked-guardian::iconcrystalgem523: , :iconendertheory: , :iconlanios: , :iconlatios-and-latias: , :iconnoctuscorde: , :iconnupho: , :iconrumor-the-mirage: , :iconray-52: , :iconsalamencecake: , :iconschoolmaniandevil: , :iconshaprite91: , :iconligerfox: ,:iconlovesnivy::iconsilverkrim: , :iconsonicxdotexe: , :iconstreetdragon95: , :iconsnivylover4125: , :iconxylek-clemmens: Yes, there are many more of you, but it's a bit difficult to type everyone in.

And now to not forget who brought this all to me: :iconsilentraynetsutarja: - Myself. I brought myself here, and I knew it was a good choice. Thank you to everyone here, I know there are many of you whom care about me, and I'm glad for that.

P.S.: To find me in other places:
:facebook: -
Skype - Search "FragmentedRequiem"
Kik - Search "FragmentedRequiem"
  • Mood: Miserable
  • Listening to: "Numb"..A very chilling song I made.
  • Reading: My Thoughts.
  • Watching: The World Around Me.
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I'm very sorry for me not being here..

There's been a very big problem, but this time it's not because of someone. This time, it's me. I've been trying to cope for a while, and it's hard. I have to falsely smile and force myself to not care about my sadness to actually do things.

Ah...I'm sorry as far as requests goes. I know I wasn't able to complete some, and for someone who payed me, I'm Going to give a refund as a way to show I'm sorry.

Please excuse my absence..Don't mind of a person. I'm self loathing, I know. Sometimes I just's normal for me.

Anyways..I will try to be here more, just please understand what I'm going through.


SilentRayneTsutarja's Profile Picture
Joseph 'Rayne' Trujillo III
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
My name is Joseph Eliseo Trujillo III, or for my main "Original Character", Rayne Terra Exodus . I have lived a life, full of misery in most areas. For once I thought it was gone...I was wrong. Half my life, I have went through unimaginable traces of unthinkable mishap, it's shaped me into a different being. I can remember many events in my history like it was yesterday.

Anyways, I am great with writing skill, as well as other school subjects and of course, art. My usual drawing is composed of a simple pencil and pen. Other times, I will use a dash of color. For now, I'm using AutoDesk SketchBook Pro, a drawing app that works well for any artwork.

I do know Latin, but I prefer to use English. If you've got a question about me, by all means, ask.

"Immaturity is not tolerated. Be straight out."


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The only goal I have is to get points to give to others as gifts, such as for birthdays and for favoriting my artwork.

Also, for only 2 points, I can do perhaps one request.

Also, I'd be grateful for donated points.
Points for a young artist, trying to fit in the world of Art by older people around him.

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Commissions Officially (Re)Open
I'm new to this whole Commission thing, but I wanted to announce I am officially having requests open again. I'm sorry for everyone I never did the requests they asked. :(

 The price or whatever is only 5-10 points per piece, and also, Please be patient.


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