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  • Mood: Hope
  • Listening to: Loz Contreras - Sarajevo (Blackmill Remix)
  • Reading: My Thoughts.
  • Watching: The World Around.
  • Playing: Nothing.
  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Nothing.
So I have finally come back (Entirely) from my depressive downfall. Again, it's not easy to fight the specifics in what has happened. I am sorry to give everyone a postpone to their requests, and that I have been feeling bad for.

I need some motivation to go on sometimes..Of course many people won't understand my pain because I don't explain it. But some of you know my pains. It's not easy as you know.

And so it goes to say that I'm going to try harder to get the requests done. I have had drawing ideas, but I lose them because I remember I have to finish the requests. There was one drawing I was going that includes every good friend I've known. Of course, I'm sorry for not being here a lot. If I can take that away from the past and change it to days full of being here happy, I would. But you know what they say, you live your choices, as it is you whom shapes your future.

I don't talk much of Philosophy I realize, and I usually enjoy to. I just would like a few people to lend a hearing ear to my words. I know there are going to be many who don't care, and some who do. That's how life is. But I appreciate everyone who pitches in and listens. I don't have many expectations because I know a lot of my thoughts simply can't and won't exist.

Now... I have promised to keep my word of everything I say I can do, so I'm still trying to finish all requests, but it can be...Overwhelming. I think about it a lot as I try to calm down from stress I get from reality.

Like I've said, I need some motivation. Often I get this problem, I admit, that I feel like I'm excluded from certain people, or sometimes I just can't think of anything to do. So it starts to hurt me. I know many times I've tried to cheer up, but it gets very difficult. And so I ask one last time.

Please give me any support or anything you want to say. I enjoy reading your thoughts about me.

In fact, I'll explain some of myself right here.

Name: Joseph Eliseo/Elijah "Rayne" Trujillo
Age: 16 (I'll be 17 in April)
I Watch: 264 people (I try my best)
Who watch me: 198 (More like 50 now.)
Why I came here: There are a number of reasons.
One, to express myself in my art. To show the world my art. Of course, to some people, a drawing, a simple photo, can be more than what it is. It can be a caught memory. That's what some of my art has become. "Fragment of Memory, Re: Forlorn Soul" Is one memory of when I was even more depressed than now. So is "Moment's Reprieve", and many more like "Frolic". One thing about my art nowadays and why it takes so long is because I'm one of those artists that takes time on things, and I do specific pieces at certain times.
Two, to make friends. A long time ago, someone had made me feel closed. Very...Lost, if I may say. I felt like I didn't need everyone now. But I was very wrong. I regret it. But look at me now, I'm opening to the world and its people again. Yes, everyone is a human being, and so I do my best to give everyone a chance at talking to me. There are many I have met here who have always been there. It's not about getting favorites (Although everyone at least once gets the wanting to get those, like me, I admit), but to show who you are, via an art piece you create. You are your art. You create it from your thoughts, you express what you are to the world and people can see that bright side of you, no matter how dark you may be on the outside. Like.... Me. I know I'm a "Dark Person", I've been called many things, like "Cold-hearted", simply for the fact I learned bad things. I lived tough times. But I'm trying to get better.
Three, to enjoy something life has to offer. Before, I didn't see too many things to enjoy, like December, 2013. Now that month WAS BAD. Of course, I try to let go of it though...Although what I was told from a family member really hurt my heart. And as some know, it's not easy forgetting what a family member tells you. Being here, I've let go of many things I had on my shoulders, and I feel much better. One thing I wanted to mention about my art by the way: Sometimes I leave small segments of hints of myself, my personality. It doesn't look like there's anything but simple color, shape, texture, lighting, etc. But if you see certain art pieces I've made, you can see part of what I am: I put effort into everything I do, I try to be happier, I have a calm demeanor, you get it.

Moving on to things that are my favorites and what I'm currently doing.

Favorite music: I like a lot of different things. It depends on what it is. I love piano. I say music is what gives life color, as music can really set the color to a picture, or set the mood the artist wants to give. With no music, I believe things would simply run "Gray".

What I'm hearing:…    Loz Contreras - Sarajevo (Blackmill Remix); This type of Dubstep isn't like the other ones, it's very...Calm and nice in a way. Take a listen if you are interested.

Favorite trait about myself: I simply enjoy knowing I can be more understanding than most others. I love knowing how calm I can be, and that I've helped people. I want to do that more... It is what I love doing so much, even though I may have a cold exterior. I'm always open to anything anyone wants to tell me, or if anyone wants to know anything of knowledge I'm able to give.

Favorite age: I've got to say, 15 or 16. These years have been the darkest, along from 2009-now. But these two years, I've learned the most things, and I've accomplished personal goals. Like having more friends. I can tell you it's great.

Doing any misc. things: Nothing actually, except hearing a song and typing this.
And now, I'll try to add everyone I can remember who liked my art, and those I know who talked to me recently and enjoy doing so.

:iconadamsrb2: , :iconfantasyrebirth96: , :iconjohnnyd2: , :iconpikaflygon: , :iconcomandersprings: , :icon003145: , :iconafr0panda: , :iconbolo42: , :iconcalamitoushaunter: ,    :iconsilked-guardian::iconcrystalgem523: , :iconendertheory: , :iconlanios: , :iconlatios-and-latias: , :iconnoctuscorde: , :iconnupho: , :iconrumor-the-mirage: , :iconray-52: , :iconsalamencecake: , :iconschoolmaniandevil: , :iconshaprite91: , :iconligerfox: ,:iconlovesnivy::iconsilverkrim: , :iconsonicxdotexe: , :iconstreetdragon95: , :iconsnivylover4125: , :iconxylek-clemmens: Yes, there are many more of you, but it's a bit difficult to type everyone in.

And now to not forget who brought this all to me: :iconsilentraynetsutarja: - Myself. I brought myself here, and I knew it was a good choice. Thank you to everyone here, I know there are many of you whom care about me, and I'm glad for that.

P.S.: To find me in other places:
:facebook: -
Skype - Search "FragmentedRequiem"
Kik - Search "FragmentedRequiem"


SilentRayneTsutarja's Profile Picture
Joseph 'Rayne' Trujillo III
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
My name is Joseph Eliseo Trujillo III, or for my main "Original Character", Rayne Terra Exodus . I have lived a life, full of misery in most areas. For once I thought it was gone...I was wrong. Half my life, I have went through unimaginable traces of unthinkable mishap, it's shaped me into a different being. I can remember many events in my history like it was yesterday.

Anyways, I am great with writing skill, as well as other school subjects and of course, art. My usual drawing is composed of a simple pencil and pen. Other times, I will use a dash of color. For now, I'm using AutoDesk SketchBook Pro, a drawing app that works well for any artwork.

I do know Latin, but I prefer to use English. If you've got a question about me, by all means, ask.

"Immaturity is not tolerated. Be straight out."


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Also, for only 2 points, I can do perhaps one request.

Also, I'd be grateful for donated points.
Points for a young artist, trying to fit in the world of Art by older people around him.

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Commissions Officially (Re)Open
I'm new to this whole Commission thing, but I wanted to announce I am officially having requests open again. I'm sorry for everyone I never did the requests they asked. :(

 The price or whatever is only 5-10 points per piece, and also, Please be patient.


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